Quetzal Cortez and The II Legion "The Golden Questors"

The Primarch: Quetzal Cortez began his life after he landed on the planet of Nevenkita as the adopted son of a general and his family, where he was given the name Cortez. While they were unsurprised with his landing due to the planet having low level space travel and a space station orbiting the planet that occasionally dropped cryo-chambers into the atmosphere, they were suprises by his rapid growth, his quickly learned skill in tactics and his ability to inspire and befriend nearly anyone. He joined the Golden Guard, supreme warriors of the planet’s king and rose to general in a short time, bringing pride to his family and fear to the king who was worried about the ambition of such a popular general.

The King decided to dispose of him by sending him and his most loyal soldiers to the nearby moon of Sangotajdo which the King had been trying to conquer for his entire reign due to it’s metal rich nature. The planet was inhabited by a vicious barbarian people who despite their primitive technology had been beating his soldiers with guerrilla warfare. Once Cortez had conquered the moon the king ordered the men amount Cortez’s that were loyal to him to kill Cortez and his most loyal soldiers.

This plan was halted before fruition for two reasons, the first was that after an ambush by the natives one of the strange feathered snakes saved Cortez from the poisoned arrows of the ambush party. The feathered snake, called Quetz by the natives, was worshipped by the moon’s people and after it having saved Cortez’s life, they named him Quetzal, meaning beloved of the feathered snake. They began to follow him, leading the planet to be conquered without much bloodshed. Upon seeing this, the King’s men began to slaughter the natives in secret in order to prevent them from helping Cortez when they tried to assassinate him. So much death could not be hidden and Cortez found out. After having his would be betrayed killed he gathered his forces, Nevankitan and Sangta alike and flew back to avenge the Sangota deaths and the kings betrayal of him.

Flying right into the King’s palace he led the charge directly to the throne room, killing all his way. There, before the king, was a stranger that shone with great light. The Shangota bowed before him, declaring him a god but Cortez was angry. This stranger stood between him and the traitorous king, he would not budge no matter how Cortez asked. They fought, each blow Cortez made was countered and blocked. Eventually the stranger stood with his sword at Cortez’s throat and asked him to yield. Cortez shook his head. "Honour and pride demand that the King be put to death. “To suffer the tyrant who rules with an iron fist for the betterment of his people is fine, there must always be one who makes tough decisions in order to better the people, even if they unpopular. To suffer the tyrant who does so out of fear of others or obsession with power is not.” The stranger thought on this and smiled. “A bold answer my son, and an interesting view.”

With that the Golden Stranger revealed himself as the Emperor and Quetzal Cortez’s father. He gave his son the II Legion and bade him conquer the stars for the betterment of his people.

(More to come)

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Quetzal Cortez and The II Legion "The Golden Questors"

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